Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Very Grezzo Halloween

Augusta, Alissa Cohen, and Denise - Halloween at Grezzo.

Halloween Gone Raw

Anyone lucky enough to be on State Street in Newburyport, MA, this Halloween got a free taste of the delicious "witches brews" that are Grezzo's Lynchberg Lemonade, Pumpkin Martini, Cape Codder! AND, passed appetizers including smoked papaya & dill cream cheese, sliders, stuffed mushrooms, California maki rolls... Yum!

The staff were all decked out in their Halloween regalia including a flapper, cop, Greek goddess, Uma from Kill Bill, a ninja, a panda, and more. The bar was packed, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying the living cuisine spread laid before them. Denise and I were so delighfully gorged on all the delicious apps that it was all we could do to finish off our Halloween visit with the coconut merengue and chocolate torte. Perfection!

Newburyport is always a joy to visit, especially on a balmy October day in the 70's, but it's Grezzo that is the true draw for me now. If you're new to raw living cuisine, and a real skeptic, start with their mixed drinks and a dessert. Or maybe a smoothie, like the chocolate mocha made with their chocolate, chocolate chip gelato. Be sure to tell them Denise and Augusta sent you!