Monday, May 17, 2010

Something about a window opening when a door closes...

It is a sad day when your favorite raw food restaurant closes, and I was very sad to learn that Alissa decided to close both Grezzo locations - Newburyport and Boston. Although, I am very happy for Alissa that she has decided to follow her true path: teaching. She's an amazing teacher! Read her blog post about this decision here.

The good news? 'There's good news?' you may ask. Yes! The good news for us raw foodies is that Lori opened Symbielle last week, a fabulous juice and smoothie bar! There are many wonderful menu items to choose from, but the BEST creations are the ones you come up with on the spot with Lori's guidance. She truly has something for everyone, including Richardson's Ice Cream for the non raw foodies to enjoy.

Lori has created a wonderful space to meet up, chill out, get healthy, or hang loose in at Symbielle. And she's supporting local agriculture to boot, by purchasing from local growers and local vendors, like Richardson's.

Symbielle is located at 227 Newbury St, Route 1 NB, Danvers, MA. There's plenty of parking, so bring your friends... ALL of your friends! While things get going, they'll be open until 4pm on week days, and 6pm on weekends. Come early, and come often! I'm sure you'll see me there...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The True Fountain of Youth... Water From the Source

I spent an amazing weekend with a wonderful group of people at Kripalu learning how to build super immunity from David Wolfe. I learned so many incredible, truly mind-blowing things, my brain is still humming. It will take some time for all of the information I absorbed to gel.

The last thing we all did together, before leaving Kripalu, was visit a spring in western MA, and drink from the "fountain of youth." Literally, the first bit of "news" I heard upon returning home was the massive run on bottled water because of the "catastrophic break in a pipe" cutting off the water supply from Weston, MA, to dozens of cities and towns north and west of Boston, including my town of Wakefield. The police and fire department have been out for days warning everyone not to drink the water being pumped into homes from alternate sources because none of it has been treated.

WOW. This proves to me once again how the Universe works in mysterious ways! How, you might ask? The moment I learn that the best water to drink on this earth is abundant and FREE, I mean that very moment, there is more reason than ever for me to seek that water out and start drinking it immediately!

The very first thing David taught us about how to build super immunity was to collect and drink water from naturally occurring springs. Not filtered water, not bottled water, not reverse osmosis water, not ionized water... But free, natural, aurous, spring water. Why? As David says "it's called the fountain of youth, not the faucet of youth."

There are plenty of videos and blog posts about why natural spring water is the best water on this earth for us to drink. What I'd like to pass along is Daniel Vitalis' website, where you can literally find a spring near you anywhere in the world! If there is ONE thing you do for yourself to build immunity, do this. Buy some brown glass bottles from a local brewing supply store or antique shop, fill them with water from the nearest natural spring, and cork them. No need to purchase fancy machinery. No need to hook up fancy equipment. Go straight to the source provided to all of us for free from this great earth. There is no better gift.

I will continue to share snippets from my incredible weekend every now and again in this blog. If you have any questions about finding safe spring water, please leave a comment.