Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ah for the Love of Cheesecake!

We held our Just Desserts class last night at Denise's house, and oh what a night! As I said, we've been experimenting with desserts lately, and this led us to change up our class menu a little: pineapple crumble cake, key lime tarts, chocolate ganache cake with raspberry sauce, and maple pecan cheesecake. As we explained to the class last night, Denise and I are VERY particular about taste and texture especially. So we were still doing a little experimenting with the crust last night to see if we could achieve the perfect texture. Pictured, Denise and I are inspecting the texture and smell of the crust... Yum, yum.


The Crust...
- 1 C walnuts
- 1 C pecans
- 2 T coconut sugar crystals
- 1/2 t salt
- 1 T maple syrup
- 1 t vanilla
Process nuts, sugar crystals, and salt in food processor to a fine meal. Add remaining ingredients, but do not over process; should be crumbly. Press into spring form pan (or ring molds).

The Filling...
- 3 C cashew flour
- 2 C cashew milk (unstrained)
- 1 C maple syrup
- 4 T lemon juice
- 2 T vanilla
- 1/4 t salt
- 1 C coconut oil, melted
Blend all ingredients except coconut oil until smooth. Add coconut oil and continue to blend until well combined. Pour filling on top of crust and chill for an hour in the freezer before serving.

Enjoy! Augusta

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