Friday, November 5, 2010

Alissa Cohen's Book Signing... and Other Things

It was fantastic to see Alissa last night, taking questions from the audience at her book signing in Brookline. Denise I sat front row (of course!), and brought Rachel along for the ride. We're all three very excited to dive into her new book "Raw Food for Everyone" as soon as possible to recreate our favorite recipes from Grezzo. Oh, like wild mushroom fettuccine, BLTA wraps, California maki rolls, avocado skins... And the coconut meringue! (Thank you Sam). Rachel just took our Level I class a couple of weeks ago, finished a 21-day cleanse, and she's ready to jump right into raw with both feet. Yesterday, Lori and I found a fantastic location for our smoothie bar/cafe... everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us! We will know where we're setting up shop by the end of this month. It'll take about a month to get everything set up, painted, etc., and then we should be opening early 2011. So exciting!

The night before (Wednesday), Denise hosted a pot luck at her house, and we did a little experimenting in the kitchen in preparation for our Desserts class tonight. Busy, busy! We are perfecting a new dessert recipe, Maple Pecan Cheesecake, which is now Denise's mom's absolute favorite. It truly is an amazing dessert. Our lucky students will be eating it tonight! I'll be making some snacks tomorrow to take with me to Germany for a week... Walnut pate, onion bread, raw granola, etc. Hopefully customs doesn't figure out that I'm carrying raw nuts and seeds into the country! I'm guessing they won't. But now, I'm off to Manchester for our Just Desserts class, with chocolate ganache cake and key lime tarts in tow...

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